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Shading Solutions

Shading solutions for verandas and glass rooms are a requirement for a number of clients particularly for those properties that are south facing.

The most efficient way to reduce solar gain is by having external shading. This will ensure the solar energy is reflected by the external screen before going through the glass. Once the solar energy goes through the glass an internal shading device will be designed to reflect from inside but will then always have an amount of bounce between the glass and the internal shading device resulting in a build-up of energy.

We therefore offer solutions for both above the glass roof (preferred option) and below the glass roof.

For both options the roller fabric is enclosed in an aluminium cassette heading with a track down each side.

The fabric has teeth welded onto the fabric and these teeth are located within the side tracks. This system is known as tracfix.

With this system the fabric shall remain taught and not pull out even in normal windy conditions.

Operation of the shading solution is by operating a remote controller that allows you to cover all the roof area or part.

For internal screen the fabric can be the same as used for awnings. These fabrics shall allow some light in and reduce glare. The specification of the fabric can be found here click for fabric detail.

For external screen solutions the fabric is usually PVC based that is perforated allowing light into the area below whilst reducing solar gain and glare.

We have a wide range of fabrics to offer including different percentages of perforation.