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Veranda Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a veranda?

A veranda allows to you expand your living area while bringing the garden into the house while benefitting from the natural environment.

What sizes are verandas available?

The veranda is designed to meeting the sizes you require. The two different models allow different spans between the posts allowing a greater view. There are limits on the projections for the different models.

Can a veranda be used all year round?

Clients are obtaining greater use of their verandas throughout the year by having heaters in the winter and external shading solutions for the summer.

Is a veranda waterproof?

The area under the roof area is waterproof however without side covers there will always be the possibility of rain coming in the sides depending upon the wind direction.

I have down pipes on the wall I want the veranda, can you overcome these to install a veranda?

Each situation is different however we frequently identify ways of having the down pipes going through the roof section.

What maintenance is required for a veranda?

A general wipe down of the powder coated aluminium, cleaning of the glass or polycarbonate and keeping the inbuilt gutters clean.

Will the area under a veranda be hot like a greenhouse if south facing?

With the sides areas open in most situations a draft may be created that flows across the veranda. However we would suggest an external shading solution that allows glare and solar gain reduction while allowing light to penetrate through the fabric.

Is planning permission required for a veranda?

In most cases planning is not required but suggest you read the planning guidance (click here)

Where can I see a model of a veranda?

We have a full size model in our Wokingham showroom with a shading solution both above and below.

Should the veranda be installed first or the floor i.e. decking?

In most situations the veranda is installed first to allow secure fixing points

And the decking or alternative flooring can be installed after.