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Pergola Fabrics

The colour and quality of an awning / pergola fabric is one of the factors that create the ambience on your patio area.

The texture, patterns or plains and brightness help create the special effect. Our awnings and pergola products are manufactured by the leading supplier Markilux and they also manufacture the fabrics themselves in their factory ensuring the latest designs of fabric technology and also the most environmental way to manufacture.

The yarns are dyed using a system developed by Markilux to show distinctive colours with outstanding luminosity and colour intensity.

During the production process there is a finish touch added to the fabric using the snc finish. This special formula reacts as a self-cleaning effect and gives the fabric longevity and resistance to rain, light and fluctuating temperatures.

Water droplets pick up dirt particles and run off the awning cover when set at a minimum of 14 degrees.

The sunsilk and sunvas fabrics offer an ultraviolet protective factor of 50 plus. Please note this value is only to direct sunlight and not from reflective sunlight i.e. water etc.

Below are a range of fabric types each having a wide range of colours and patterns suitable for both awnings and pergolas


Brilliant luminosity with a silky smooth surface. The covers impress with their unique luminosity.


A soft glow with a textile like to the touch. Sunvas are popular with their textile character and natural appearance.


Textiles for special requirements. These options extend the overall range to cover semi- transparent, heat-reflecting, permeable, highly water resistant and flame retardant.

All joints when joining fabrics together are bonded together using the latest ultrasonic bonding process to ensure a consistent appearance. This method of joining fabric is also stronger than the traditional stitching methods.