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Glass Sun Rooms Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a glass room?

The glass room brings the garden into the house allowing full use throughout the year giving greater space in your home for a wide range of uses.

What sizes are glass rooms available?

We have a wide range of designs that will allow us to identify sizes to meet your requirements.

Can a glass room be used all year round?

Yes. Depending upon the orientation of the glass room the area may require either internal or external shading to reduce glare and solar gain in summer and assist in retaining heat in the winter.

What maintenance is required for a glass room?

Cleaning of the integral gutter and cleaning the glass roof and sliding glass doors together with a wipe down of the powder coated aluminium framework.

Will the area under a glass room be hot like a greenhouse if south facing?

The area inside will see a rise in temperature in summer but can be reduced by either internal or external shading. External shading solutions are the most efficient.

Is planning permission required for a glass room?

Please see our planning guide for further details

Should the glass room be installed first or the floor finish?

We would suggest having the glass room built and completed before the finishing touch of the floor surface.