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Carport Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a carport?

The carport creates a dry area for access to the vehicle and gives greater protection from frost in the winter.

The carport can also be designed to be part of the design of the property and add real value.

These products are also used in schools for children to play throughout the year in dry areas.

What sizes are carports available?

We offer two designs that allow for different projections with the difference in structural design. The length can be determined by your requirements.

Is a carport waterproof?

The roof of the carport shall be waterproof although rain can come in from the sides depending upon the wind direction.

What maintenance is required for a carport?

Cleaning of the integral gutter and wiping down the powder coated aluminium framework. The polycarbonate roof can also be washed down.

Is planning permission required for a carport?

In general no but suggest you review our planning guide.

Where can I see a model of a carport?

We have a small model in our Wokingham showroom with the large display of a veranda that has many aspects the same.

Should the carport be installed first or the floor finish?

We would suggest the carport is installed first so the floor finish is in prestige condition without any patches.