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Bio Climatic Pergolas Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a bioclimatic pergola?

The design of the bioclimatic pergola allows the air to pull through the area below the roof when the roof is slightly open. In addition the adjacent roof remains cool due to the shading created by the bioclimatic pergola.

What sizes are bioclimatic pergolas available?

We are able to offer a wide range of sizes and shapes. This modular design is extremely flexible from free standing to fix to your building on one or more sides.

Can a bioclimatic pergola be used all year round?

Today these products are becoming more popular due to the all-round use both in domestic situations but also for restaurants, wine bars and other social areas.

Many have side screens and heaters as part of the design.

Is a bioclimatic pergola waterproof?

The roof section is designed to allow rain water to run off from the gutter into the selected posts which act as a downpipe. Side screens are often installed to create a water resistance to the side areas.

However in the winter period water droplets can be seen on the underside in early morning due to the condensation / temperature change between the top and bottom of the roof blades.

What maintenance is required for a bioclimatic pergola?

Cleaning the integral gutters, wiping down the powder coated aluminium framework and washing down the roof area.

Lubricating the moving joints once or twice a year is good practice subject to the amount of operation.

Is planning permission required for a bioclimatic pergola?

In general no but please see our planning guide.

Where can I see a model of a bioclimatic pergola?

We have a full size model in our Wokingham showroom with all the side options and lighting.