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Bio Climatic and Arlequin Pergola Accessories

Whilst the bioclimatic pergola can be installed as a stand-alone product we are often asked about the additional options.

Outlined below are a number of solutions that meet your requirements.

Fabric Side screens

We can install a cassette roller blind that is installed between posts of your bio climatic pergola.

The cassette header incorporates the roller fabric and down each side has a track. The fabric has a zip secured to each side that goes in the side tracks allowing the fabric to remain in place and prevent the wind coming through.

The fabric panels can either be all fabric or a clear PVC section to allow you to view out whilst behind the screen without the wind.

Pergola fabric side screens can be seen in our showroom in Wokingham.

Glass Sliding Doors

The glass sliding doors for bioclimatic pergolas can be designed in a number of configurations to meet your requirements.

The glass doors are 8 or 10mm toughened glass fitted on silent roller bearings that are resistant to wear and maintenance free.

The design can slide left or right.

Whilst the doors can lock they are not designed to be a secure lockable feature.

The sliding glass doors for the bio climatic pergolas can be seen in our Wokingham showroom.

Horizontal Slats

The slats are an aluminium construction powder coated to the same colour as the frame.

The slats can be in the closed position with a handle to secure in position or can be left in the open position or at any suitable position in between to give you the required privacy while allowing light to penetrate and the flow of air.

LED Lighting

LED lighting can be offered as a strip light around the perimeter, inside the edge of the perimeter or from individual round spotlights.

These lights can be either white or colour allowing you to choose your own ambience from a remote controller.