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Bio Climatic Pergolas

The Bioclimatic pergola we offer is from SOLISYSTEME the original designer of the bioclimatic pergola who continue today with the leading designs and technology.

We are proud to be a main supplier of this type of pergola in the UK meeting the criteria to understand the product, its design and meet the installation requirements

The concept of the Bioclimatic pergola is to allow the roof blades to open to your required amount. This will allow light into the area and allow a flow of air that will create a comfort temperature. Underneath. Alternatively leave the roof closed and shelter from the rain, snow and the wind.

We offer a pergola design service so the most economical option is offered with the product being either free standing or secured to your building on one or two sides.

The centre section of the roof of this pergola is made up of a number of blades that rotate to allow light in and ventilate the area.

There is a gutter system available for use with this pergola that is cleverly designed to move with the slats then goes down two of the posts. This pergola design allows a higher rain dispersion that others on the market today.

The bioclimatic pergola is now available in a number of designs of the structure to allow for different size roof sections and also for the commercial market with the side panels cut out with the business name that is then illuminated.

The pergola is made of the highest quality components allowing us to offer a 10 year warranty on the aluminium elements (blades and structure) and a 3 year warranty for mechanical parts.

There are a number of accessories offered with the Bioclimatic pergola, LED lighting, side roller screens, louvre screens and sliding glass doors. Click here to view these options.